The Design

Research Design


The topic of my research topic is the relationship between long term mentorship programs and student academic success.  Currently many students can’t employ patient problem solving or work successfully within peer collaboration groups. Students are thrust into collaboration through mandatory course projects and/or presentations.  Other students are not encouraged and even prohibited from working in collaborative groups or collectives due to the fear of cheating.  Mentorship could be formed from within the group of peers and could be vital from a collective where agency is shared and built.

The focus of my literature review is the maker mindset’s ability to extend throughout an entire school incorporating blending learning and the COVA approach to improve learners’ mindsets.  Within this maker school setting mentorship and relationship building can form naturally.  This authentic mentorship and relationship building lends itself to creating connections with students that impacts student academic success.  I am interested in finding the true value maker mindset combined with relationship building has on student success as well as lifelong achievement.



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