Influence Efforts

Desired result:  Create a maker mindset environment within the homeroom time of 50% of the classes in the building by the end of the 2017-2018 school year.

Here are three vital behaviors I’d like to implement to assist me in achieving my goal:

  1. Use the time to allow structured maker activities to take place.
  2. Engage learners by providing exploratory facilitation where feed forward is given instead of just answers.
  3. Model problem solving by discovering answers with the students and if needed, researching them to verify validity using reputable resources.

There are six areas of influence that I would like to address to implement vital behaviors that will assist me in accomplishing my goal.

Personal Motivation

Give staff members more control of the homeroom time while students will almost effortlessly start to develop problem solving skills in a fun and interactive form.

Give Staff members the choice for the maker activity content.

Provide staff with student feedback (testimony) about why they enjoy the maker environment highlighting staff connections they have made.

Students as well as staff will have more freedom to enjoy the practice of high needed skillsets such as collaboration, research, productive debates, discussions, problem solving, etc.

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Personal Ability

Staff has been trained to use the new Office365 group chat application so engaging discussions between classes can be instantaneous.

Staff will be invited to join in on the mock modeled sessions and role play concerns that may arise such as student behavior, content discovery and/or equipment issues.

Staff will be provided with modeled spark sessions containing possible maker activities along with a list of possible maker environment activities as well as a link to modeled sessions on video that include staff.

Staff will be provided with video footage of maker activities throughout the 9-week period that highlights strategies that are working within various sessions.

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Social Motivation

Staff members get a chance to showcase their expertise in academic areas.

Staff members have a chance to showcase their expertise in hobbies they have outside of their academic area.

Staff members will feel more connected as students share their hobby expertise with other staff.

Staff members have a chance to connect better with parents.

Mentoring will take the form of the growth mindset being modeled by opinion leaders to show that many interactions with students can be turned in to learning moments.

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Social Ability

Staff members can form persuasive groups that can be strengthened in number to gain more administrative support.

Many staff members are connected on social media which allows for more conversations amongst them about maker environments or spark ideas.

A digital information bank will be available that is accessible by any staff member to review troubleshooting tips and a FAQ about maker environment flow.

Staff will be able to collaborate within a shared editable platform which allows them to comment on what worked within their sessions to feedforward innovative ideas.

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Structural Motivation

Administration can allow staff members to earn jean passes to use at their leisure (outside of state testing windows).

Raffle for a montage on a staff member’s maker environment spark session to be highlighted on the district’s website.

A surprise lunch delivered to the staff member caught igniting a great spark throughout the maker environment session or within the school.

Participation will be tied to the campus improvement plan which will be reflected on staff member’s performance reviews.

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Structural Ability

Maker activities can be completed without making copies.

Technology could be used to help verify unknown areas of the subject matter that may be brought up.

There are a variety of technology devices available in case one of them is not working.  (Personal computer, laptops, iPads, Clevertouch, etc.)

Display colorful signage next to available technology with suggestions for use within the make environment sessions.

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