Innovation Plan

Education meansWe have a huge opportunity and responsibility to expose our students to learning of the future.  We can inspire them to solve problems that not only use foundation that we are setting for them but to create solutions by innovation of that very foundation.  Within the realm of innovative problem solving there is so much more to see.  I propose that we passionately ignite sparks within our students that encourage them to take ownership and develop intrinsic motivation to build a better world.  By showing our students that a maker space is not limited to a room or spot in a building we can open their minds to becoming the successful and much needed innovative problem-solving makers of the future.


We currently have several incentives in place to increase student attendance on our campus which have been successful to some extent.  Many students enjoy the attendance movies and field trip or even just electronics parties that they can earn by making sure that they are at school and on time every day.  I would like to help build on those positive incentives with an initiative that not only rewards students for coming to school but also helps to create authentic intrinsic motivation for them to be excited to come and taking more ownership to ensure that they do.

I suggest that we use blended learning we can assist the students in accomplishing their highest priorities at school which research constantly states are to feel successful and make progress as well as to have fun with friends.  By creating a school that is maker space rather than a room, corner of a room or small club then we can provide all our students with opportunities to meet their highest priorities which will in turn help the school to achieve its highest priorities as well such as patient problem solving and synthesis of information.  We can begin to employ a blended learning model during the homeroom/advisory time. 

The initial phase of my plan is that during this time my homeroom/advisory students be given the choice to vote on each one week maker flow.  There will be a structured nine-week blended learning cycle using a technology component.  Students will rotate through four different flows by the end of the cycle.  The next phase would be to have a fellow team member’s homeroom/advisory students go through the cycle allowing for opportunities to collaborate and discuss with each other as well as my students.  The goal would be not only a continuous flow of engagement but limitless opportunities of authentic learning.

If we could allow students learn troubleshooting through patient problem solving in an interactive yet challenging way then we could apply the mastered skill to areas of dire need.  Effective troubleshooting is a lifelong skill.  In our building troubleshooting can be used in a myriad of areas.  Patient problem solving can not only be applied to core classes but social relationships.  Together we can continue to strive to reach every learner in our school which will enrich the entire community.

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