The COVA model


We have to not only give students a choice, ownership, voice and agency (COVA) over their digital domain we have to give them COVA (Thibodeaux, 2015) over their ideas.

  • The freedom to choose (C) how they wish to organize, structure and present their experiences and evidences of learning.
  • Ownership (O) over the entire eportfolio process – including selection of projects and their portfolio tools.
  • The opportunity to use their own voice (V) to revise and restructure their work and ideas.
  • Authentic (A) learning experiences that enable students to make a difference in their own learning environments.

Having the choice to express my authentic thoughts is not only allowing me to have a voice but to overcome fear and anxiety that usually silences my authentic feelings.  I consider myself a direct person that generally expresses what I am thinking even if others don’t agree or others think it but won’t say it out loud. I know that I am not afraid of being or appearing different as I love being uniquely me.  I have also found that professional learning groups have allowed me to stay connected to what other professionals are doing whether it is successful or not.  This further research assists me to better develop my own authentic voice and take ownership of the choices I make in my organization and beyond.

As the COVA method is studied further its effectiveness is clear and empowering for its users. An ePortfolio can be used a learning tool which assists in maximizing the learning for each creator.



(Thibodeaux, Cummings, and Harapnuik) International Journal of ePortfolio 2017, Volume 7, Number 1, 1-12    ISSN 2157-622X


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