I have developed a 4DX plan for my work team that outlines how I will implement my innovation plan to bring about change in my learning environment.

Team Leader:

Kameco de los Santos

Leadership team:

Possible members would be leaders of each set of team teachers.

Rollout Team:

An administrator as well as the leadership team would form this launch team.

Getting clear:

To ensure the best introduction of my plan I must ensure that it is concise and simplistically laid out.  Although I have an abundance of ideas I will place my focus on just one wildly important goal (WIG).  The whirlwind of daily tasks will have to be examined to determine which can be phase out or muted some to best support the success of my WIG.  I agree with the suggestion of the 4DX model to focus on 1-2 great main goals instead of a laundry list of good ideas.  My wildly important goal is to infuse the maker mindset by creating a maker school and not just a room or spot within a school building.  Lead measures will be used to initiate maker spaces in 25% of the school per semester.  The entire building will become a maker school by the end of the 2019 – 2020 school year.

Although leaders tend to historically focus on lag measures and according to the 4DX it states that in virtually every case, fixating solely on the lag measures fails to drive results.  The real bang for our buck comes from the data that is given from the lead measures to determine what progress has been made and where to go from there.  A possible lead measure could be provided support, brainstorming sessions and idea banks for spark sessions during advisory and any student down or idle time.  Another lead measure could be increasing opportunities for non-tested staff to earn pay for one hour of enrichment activities while tested teachers hold their required after school tutorials.  I believe that there is always time for a teachable moment.  Maybe a lead measure could be to allow and create engaging teachable moments intertwined with mentorship throughout the school day.  Opportunities to do this could be during advisory, dismissal, award assembly idle time, breakfast time (cafeteria or gym) and even waiting in lines for transitions.

The Launch:

As the leader I can provide guidance and suggestions throughout the day and within each WIG session.  I can most importantly provide my time, lend an ear and assist as that lead measures are being acted upon.  The regular WIG meetings with the team will be vital to the continued success but the launch meeting will be the catalyst of our future successes.  Each team member should commit to consistent actions on lead measures.  They can also express their personal purpose for being vested in the WIG.  The lag measure will be discussed so that it is clear, but it will be communicated that a disproportionate amount of energy should be placed on the lead measures.  Lag measure data is generally easily accessible through a system that provides statistics from formative assessments.  Team members can check the progress on the lag as much as they like but it will be suggested that we all meet to review the numbers together a minimum of once a month.


With a clear WIG, lead measures and lag measure the team is ready to hit the ground running.  Not only is every team member personally invested in the WIG but the journey as well.  The scoreboard will help to create an intrinsic drive in each team member and slowly but surely change behaviors so that resistance can decrease.  A possible scoreboard would be in the digital format through an app that can be accessed by the team initially then shared with more staff as needed.  Lead measures can be monitored like steps on today’s fitness bands.  Maybe the app could send reminders of the lead measures and/or notifications of progress individually as well as a team.  Enthusiasm could be built through personal accountability that drive small successes which would be “near wins” instead of the feeling of daily failures.  The team will begin to see that the 4DX does work and is working for them, so they can follow through with execution even under the demands of the whirlwind.


Now that the plan is adopted and working, focus shifts a bit to refinement to increase the levels of success which will in turn improve engagement.  This shift in mindset will allow team members to look at what they can do to maximize their personal performance for the greater goal.  Team members should start to see beyond the daily whirlwind and even the lag measure as the only driver for their behavior at work.  Ownership becomes natural therefore team members take more interest in innovating to creatively solve issues that arise while trying to accomplish the lead measures.  Low stakes islands are created in which the team can alternate between the learning and performance zone.  Mistakes are to be expected when the team is within the refinement process and a safe place is created to maximize performance by learning from these mistakes.


Through a continuous cycle of performing, reflecting and learning a new standard of personal accountability and achievement will become intrinsic.  The team should no longer resists the challenge of the current WIG as they successfully follow through with lead measures to surpass the expectation set forth in the lag measure.  This internal push to excellence will drive the team to continue with excellent execution of the next WIG, creation of purposefully agreed upon lead measures and a lag measure they will all take pride in exceeding.





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