Plan of Action

Action Research Design Development


  1. The topic I’m thinking of doing action research on is the relationship between long term mentorship programs and student academic success.


  1. The purpose of my study is to determine if authentic continuous relationship building through mentorship contribute to student success.


  1. My fundamental research questions are:

a.  What is the relationship between long term continuous mentorship support and student success?

b.  Does it play a role in overall future success in their adult lives?


  1. The most appropriate type of data for me to collect is both qualitative and quantitative because this mixed method will assist with supporting the emotional human data with statistical school data. The mixed method allows for those are persuaded by the numerical facts they can wrap their head around and/or the heart strings to better receive the information.


  1. The specific form of data I will collect are qualitative system numerical data of discipline, grades, attendance, graduation attainment and quantitative data from surveys focusing on core values such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship from staff feedback as well as home or within the community from parent/guardian/mentor survey feedback.


  1. Based on the preceding responses, my research design can best be described as explanatory mixed methods design.



The focus of my literature review is the maker mindset’s ability to extend throughout an entire school incorporating blending learning and the COVA (Choice, Ownership, Voice, Authentic) approach to improve learners’ mindsets.  Within this maker school setting mentorship and relationship building can form naturally.  This authentic mentorship and relationship building lends itself to creating connections with students that impacts student academic success.