Course Goal (Plan Outline)

Course Goal:  Learners will discover and engage collaboratively in activities using a maker mindset to become life-long learners that are infinite creators and problem solvers.

Learning Goals Assessment Activities Learning Activities
Foundational – Learners will compare concepts with and without the maker mindset to gain insight of the value possible in learning environments. Reflect by creating a graphic organizer showing similarities and differences.

Discuss pros and cons.

Learners will find and review a concept online that is taught within and outside of the maker mindset.
Application – Learners will analyze and evaluate each other’s groups.  Learners will collectively develop valuable critical thinking inquiries. Respond to posed inquiries within individual groups.

Discuss inquiry outcomes with peers.

Create an inquiry document to share with observed peers.
Integration Stage –  Learners will create a maker plan that they collectively find logically aligned with their content area. Maker Plan


Learners will choose a content area in which they would like to apply the maker mindset.  Learners will then form groups based on any similar choices.
Human Dimensions –  Learners will network outside of their team to attribute to as well as discover other resources. Actively participate in peer-driven collectives. Connect with peers in other teams as sounding boards and knowledge to feed-forward.
Caring – Learners will discuss accountability and discover value in motivating one another to imagineer possibilities in their learning environment. Reflections on personal contributions as well as team movement toward their common goal. Create digital scoreboard to visualize progress and encourage peers.
Learning how to learn – Learner will inquire, discuss, research and share valuable resources. Digital Collaboration space Learners will utilize technology to develop a digital collaboration space where resources can be continuously compiled and shared collectively.



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