Profession Learning Sessions

Professional Learning Strategy:  Session 1

Resources needed: Large sticky note for each staff member, one handheld mirror for each staff member, markers to write on sticky notes, BYOD or (10) laptops/iPads to briefly reference materials if needed to recall of information, duct tape (in case sticky paper does not stay stuck to the wall)

8:00am – 8:30 am:  All 5th and 6th-grade intermediate staff will meet in the cafeteria to utilize the elongated connected table instead of separated circular tables that are generally used for development.  Staff members will sign in and partake in a light breakfast if they so choose.

8:35 am – 8:39 am:  I will welcome all staff members.  Staff attention will then be directed to my short call to action video.

8:40 am – 8:59 am:  Staff will then view Simon Sinek’s video addressing the Why, How, What which he calls the “Golden Circle”.


9:00 am – 9:07 am: Give the staff a seven-minute restroom and stretch break

9:08 am – 9:12 am:  I will share my authentic “golden circle” with the staff members and briefly address each part.

9:13 am – 9:25 am:  Staff members will self-reflect on the golden circle and their authentic why they teach children.  The collaboration will happen up and down the elongated tables.  Each staff member will then choose a current or previous student and write there name down to create an agency and tie their golden circle to a name and face of a child that motivated them and/or touched their heart. (Paraprofessionals/Aides will assist me in passing out a hand-held mirror to each staff member during this time)

9:26 am – 9:30 am:  Each staff member will be asked to stand and speak into the mirror and declare to that student why they motivated them and/or touched their heart.  (Paraprofessionals/Aides will assist me in placing large sticky notes around the cafeteria for staff to use in next activity)

9:31 am – 10:01 am:  Communicate to staff that they will be constructing two golden circles so that they divide their display paper accordingly.  Staff members will choose a large sticky note on the wall and write their name on the back of the paper.  Each staff member will then complete their golden circle using their authentic why as they consider their student(s) that have motivated them and/or touched their heart reminding them of their why.

10:02 am – 10:09 am:  Give the staff a seven-minute restroom and stretch break.

10:10 am – 10:20 am: I will ask the staff members to take ownership of their current golden circle.  They have access to the resources before mentioned as well as reference material that may be helpful if they would like to look further into the golden circle and the COVA model.  Collaboratively or individually staff will choose how they would like to complete their current golden circle.  I will encourage them to be genuine and avoid the blame game as they discuss and create their current golden circle.

10:21 am – 10:51:  Each staff member will be asked to choose a place along the wall in the tiled hallway that runs through the entire school.  After they post their sticky notes in the hallway they will be encouraged to complete a gallery walk making observations to compare original golden circles with their current golden circle as well as compare golden circles throughout the gallery walk reflecting on all of the sticky notes on the wall.

10:52 am – 10:59 am:  Give the staff a seven-minute restroom and stretch break. (Ask staff to grab their handheld mirror before they return to the hallway from their break)

11:00 am – 11:15 am:  Ask the staff to address their chosen student(s) in their hand-held mirror and tell them how each of their golden circles will help or hinder them from reaching their full potential and goals in life after they leave the 5th or 6th grade.

11:16 am – 11:29 am:  Ask the staff to walk the hallway gallery and address their student based on another sticky note posted with each golden circle.

11:30 am – 12:45 pm:  Ask the staff to place the mirrors back in the cafeteria.  Staff will have one hour, and fifteen minutes of lunch break time allowed.  Ask that staff to meet back in the cafeteria after lunch.

12:45 pm – 12:59 pm:  Allow for transition back from lunch as well as bathroom breaks.

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm:  Give the staff a choice of leaving the gallery walk in the hallway throughout the hall or bring the sticky notes back into the cafeteria to display them there.  Make them aware of the fact that sticky notes will stay on the wall until our second session the following morning.  After sticky notes are moved by staff members who choose to do so staff will be asked to sit in the cafeteria in any seat at a table.

1:31 pm – 1:45 pm:  Staff will be sent an anonymous survey link in which they can share all their talents as well as acquired skills throughout their career and life.  They will be encouraged to share unique hobbies as well.  I will go to the survey link and project my entry so that they can see the process of accessing the survey, entering information and where it goes.  A database displaying entries will be compiled from staff entries and I will show my initial entry as an example of the ease of entry and anonymity of information entered.  I will ask them to accomplish this “homework” before tomorrow morning when our second session begins as we will utilize it to move into our professional learning development using the five key elements of professional learning.

1:46 pm – 2:00 pm:  Time will be allotted for any staff member that has questions or would like any additional resources sent to them.  Other staff members will be excused if they are not in need of assistance.

This concludes the first session.

Outlines of brief agendas for subsequent sessions.