Growth Mindset: beginning of change

My wildly important goal is to establish digital citizenship in my students.  I initially started with a growth mindset as I welcome technology and the excitement of instant differentiation but it quickly changed to a fixed mindset after having several students misuse technology.  I now have a set of iPads sitting in my closet available for instant access to one-third of my class at any given moment but my fixed mindset keeps them there day after day.  I know that I am avoiding the failure of control and the blame that will come from parents or even administrators if my students are accessing inappropriate content on the iPad as our wi-fi network is unrestricted.  I will register for and attend professional development to assist me in this mindset change.  I have found information to spread the growth mindset to my student and colleagues in hopes that I can learn more each day as I read and they share what they have discovered.  I have also seen the teacher blog within the course content and I have begun to dig into the resources to develop my growth mindset to reach my wildly important goal.  I also, can’t wait to collaborate with my instructor and colleagues here to shed light on some of my ignorance and help me gain expose to possibilities that I did not know exists so that I can meet this goal.  I would love to be able to share the information with coworkers and hopefully with our growth mindsets we can drive the disruption together.

Universal digital learning helps to create a learner centered environment where they are not only driving their learning but excited to do so.  It’s not a method of replacing the human touch that a great teacher can provide.  Personalized learning can assist the teacher to better reach students and differentiate lessons as needed instantaneously. This concept of universal digital learning greatly ties in the most important piece of the puzzle and that’s the ‘why’.  The WHY is the most important but many times given the least amount of air to live on my intermediate campus. I once sat in a back to school staff development where the principal stated that the test and not the students were the most important. I was hurt after hearing that and it changed the culture of the staff in just a minute.  Without the passion, it’s difficult to want to do well at something and I felt what many of the kids had been feeling – defeated.  I didn’t see the point in trying to inspire and excite students about math anymore because my leader stated that I only had to focus on one of the students in the ‘white’ population to meet my standardized testing percentage expectations.  Universal learning environments where we focus on meeting the needs of every learner was popular in education and seemed to fade away year after year.  Great teacher can spark student but the students can only ignite their own fire with passion and purpose.  Universal digital learning can assist with helping them find the purpose and meaning of the subject matters.  Their purpose will drive them to figure out the what and how in the subject as well as keep them ignited so that they continue to exercise their brain and growth their mindset.

I have begun to fight back with my fixed mindset as well as my nasty false-growth mindset habits.  I have learned to recognize the signs of falling off the growth mindset “track” so to speak.  When I am anxious I tend to push growth mindset away.  I am so afraid of failing but not for myself.  I constantly consider everyone that my failure about affect so out of fear of letting them down or ruining their lives I don’t take the risk at hand.  I do not fear confrontation but as a leader to my students and my two young sons I feel the pressure to get it right the first time which causes me to back down from the leap to greatness.  When I feel the anxiety and fear arise I will take control and talk back to it to let it know that I can and will grow.  I have already pushed myself a little out of my comfort zone and into a leadership/spotlight type of role which I would always avoid in the past.  I have been listening to a new radio station that plays variety Christian music and there’s a song that plays by Derek Minor called Reflections that talks to my soul as if it’s saying this is my moment and it’s time to change the world.  These words have been my armor for anxiety and fear so that I can stay in the growth mindset more often and when I fall off I remember that it’s my moment and it’s time to change the world.


Dweck Carol. (2008) Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. New York

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